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Join as a Member and Showcase Your Office

Offices create a unique practice profile that allows job seekers to view the office. If you’re too busy, check out our concierge service and let us do all the work.


Connect with Talent

You can share your opening a couple of ways. Offices can post unlimited jobs that last 60 days. Your post will be sent to job seekers on their mobile devices in real-time and available to all job seekers on the network. In addition, your jobs are also sent to our extensive dental network and major social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram for greater exposure to applicants. You will be notified via email/text and sometimes via phone whenever someone wants to learn more about your position. Our offices can also search our extensive (and growing!!!) dental network to share their opening!


Review Job Seekers

Applicants in your area apply directly to you.


Interview and Hire

Review and hire candidates directly! No additional fees apply at this point.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy. Start your subscription by logging in at the Sign Up Page and then press the “Post a Job” button. Follow the instructions. You can share unlimited jobs and search the network for potential candidates.
Swiss Monkey is an exclusive dental jobs network. Offices can select from either a month-to-month, quarterly, or an annual no contract subscription. Offices have access to unlimited postings and a professional dental staffing team. Full Concierge Services are also available for those who want to outsource the entire process.
The Concierge Service is our most popular service for busy doctors and assigns a dedicated person to manage your entire posting. Think of it as your very own staffing manager (without payroll taxes!). We assign a dedicated lead to your office to post your position, actively recruit candidates, review resumes, make calls and even do initial interviews based on the criteria important to you! We spend our days looking to fill your position so that your team can focus on seeing patients. Shoot us an email at contact@swissmonkey.io or call/text us at 916-500-4125 and let us know what position you need filled!
No, there are no additional fees. Our goal is to it make fast, efficient and effective for employers to connect to applicants.
Your posting is immediately sent to job seekers to let them know you have an opening. Interested candidates can respond immediately. Your posting will also be available on the app for candidates to review and apply to for 60 days. When a candidate responds, you will receive an email (or text message!) letting them know you have a potential candidate. You will be able to preview the applicant's profile, but will have to pay to view contact information and resume if applicable.
Yes, employers have the option to post anonymously.
Here are some simple tips:
  1. Complete your practice profile fully so candidates have a better sense of the type of practice you are and your philosophy. We highly recommend adding photos and/or videos if they are available.
  2. If able, do not post anonymously. We recognize that some employers prefer to post anonymously however doing so limits information about the practice so candidates are less able to self-assess their own fit for a position.
  3. Place a salary range that is competitive for your market
  4. Need some additional help? Call us at 916-500-4125!
Employers can sort candidates using the Good or Poor fit buttons. The Good Fit buttons allow you to view all “Good Fit” candidates in a separate tab. Applicants are also notified that you have marked their profile as a potential candidate.
No, you can manage all of your job postings for each site on using one email address. To add a location, click on the blue practice name button and select "Add New Practice" from the dropdown menu. When you’re ready to post a job, you can select that Practice Location. We want to hear from you! Please email us your questions or suggestions! Email us at contact@swissmonkey.io or call/text us at 916-500-4125!
All sales and fees are non-refundable for both the Unlimited Search & Connect and Concierge Service. Because our team starts the intensive recruitment process as soon as the first payment is processed, there are no refunds after work has been initiated.
We do not guarantee placement of candidates as there are various factors that affect whether candidates decide to apply to a position and whether employers and candidates fit well together. Swiss Monkey does provide complimentary consultations to their members of additional tools to help our members increase awareness or traction for their postings.