We invite you to re-envision the structure of your current practice through the use of virtual team members

Can you become leaner? More efficient? Can you improve the quality of work and patient experience? We believe with the right teams in place you can. And now, they don’t all have to be in your office. Learn more about how to integrate these services to complement and support your practice.

What about training?

We balance what you need and what we believe all team members should have access too

At Swiss Monkey, we are committed to selecting individuals who share our vision and passion and that means, finding talented people who are committed to helping our offices operate at their best.

We provide ongoing training resources to our professional collaborative so that they can continuously learn and do their job even better. Our training resources encompass not only the technical aspects of a position but also how to deliver exceptional customer service. We believe these are critical investments so that our teams can continuously improve our level of service not only for you, but for your patients.

While our professionals have access to these resources, our practices still have the ability to personalize their team member for their specific needs. You can train and customize the role as you see fit. We know that your practice isn’t like everyone else. That’s the beauty of your work and why your patients choose you.

So, what can we do together?

A remote team member can relieve your front desk team of many time consuming tasks that can free your team to do other things. They can also be integrated in your practice to complete work that does not require a full-time person. Below are a few specific examples of how of our clients use remote team members. Remember, these are just examples! We recommend working with your team - or giving us a call - to explore ways we can free up your teams time and build your capacity to grow!
Accounts receivable follow-up with insurance or patients
Answering phones
Insurance verification assistance
Sending claims and posting EOBs
Social media and marketing support
Auditing your schedule
Training and support (particularly for newer team members)
Unscheduled treatment follow-up
Interim support to cover team members who are out of a period of time
(e.g. maternity leave, vacation, etc)

​​Happiness Promise

This platform is about helping your team operate at its best by connecting you to great talent. However, we know that sometimes that team member doesn’t work out or things happen. In these cases, we are here to help you connect with another member that is better fit. Please contact our team so we can help you get back on track!

Still not sure? We understand.

This is your business and we want you to feel comfortable that this is the right direction for you. Take a look at our testimonials page or contact us to speak to a current client or speak to one of our Practice Advisors.

I've been looking for this service.I didn't want to hire someone full time but needed the extra hands.I love having someone do the things that are important but sometimes we just don't have time to do it in the office with everything going on.


I really love your company and what you have put together....It has given me the ability to focus on dentistry which I  really needed to do... Thank you again for providing such a great service!


I just wanted to give a shoutout to everyone on Swiss Monkey! I am very satisfied with the service. Your team is very talented and you can show that this can be done.


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