How it works as a Job Seeker


Create a Profile

Join at or download the free Swiss Monkey app directly to your phone and create your own unique profile. Dental-specific fields make it easy and fast to create a profile from your mobile device. If you’re open to temping, include specific days or times!


Receive Job Notifications and Messages

Job openings are sent in real-time directly to your phone so you can review and apply no matter where you are! Just press a button and submit your profile. Done and done! You can also apply directly to jobs. Doctors may also contact you directly about job opportunities so be sure your profile is up to date.


Interview and Hire

You’re in control of when and where you want to work. You contract directly with employers so no additional fees are necessary if they want to hire you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Download the free Swiss Monkey app on your phone. Look for the purple monkey!
  2. Create a profile.
  3. When a job becomes available in your area, you will be sent a push notification that will allow you to view the job.
  4. If you like the position, simply press the “Apply” button and your profile will be sent to the employer. The employer will contact you if they are interested in pursuing next steps!
  5. You can also search for jobs on the Swiss Monkey app home screen!
Yes, job seekers can register and apply using the web version. You can access this at Once registration and your profile is complete, we highly recommend downloading the app so you can receive job opening notifications to your phone in real-time.
No! The Swiss Monkey app and platform is free for job seekers!
A strong and unique profile is important and can make you more attractive to employers. We encourage you to share your skillsets and attributes by completing as many of the fields as possible. Candidates can also upload photos and videos to help create unique profiles.
On the first screen of your profile, click on the circular image to upload your profile image. It is not the same as upload a photo in the general photo section. The profile image is the first image that employers will see when they view your profile. You can use any image that best represents you!
Job seekers can upload 2 minute videos. Examples of videos could include, why you chose into the dental field, a sample of your patient education skills or even a patient or employer testimonial.
Take a picture of the documents and simply upload them as photos on to your profile!
Yes! An employer can mark a candidate as a “Good Fit” for any job opening to help them sort through their applicants. When this happens, you will be notified.